AJA Ki-PRO Portable ProRes File Recorder |Ki Pro|
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AJA Ki-PRO Portable ProRes File Recorder |Ki Pro|


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Manufacturer: AJA Video

Mfg. Part Number: Ki-Pro

Part Number: Ki_Pro

  • ProRes 422
  • 10-Bit Realtime Up/Down Convert
  • FireWire 800
  • 250GB Capacity
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The AJA Ki-PRO is a unique recording device designed to streamline post production workflow by simplifying video acquisition. The unit features both SDI and HDMI inputs, making it compatible with most prosumer and professional cameras. The KiPRO takes advantage of Apple's ProRes technology for a seamless transition from "lens to post." The device records to high-capacity drives from a wide variety of cameras and comes equipped with a 250GB drive for large recording capacity.

Quick Workflow
The KiPRO can function with a wide array of cameras, integrating with your existing workflow. Simply take out the digitizing process and get to the edit room faster.

ProRes Inside!
Taking full advantage of Apple's high quality ProRes 422 QuickTime codec means footage will stay robust through the entire post process.

Remote from Computer or Phone
While in the field the KiPRO can be controlled via the web through a computer or iPhone.

Extend Camera Life
By eliminating use of a tape transport or swapping out memory cards, the lifespan of any camera will progressively get higher. No more having to clean tape heads and hope for no timecode dropouts. The KiPRO eliminates the need.

Intuitive Controls
The button layout of the KiPRO will be familiar to any video professional, taking its cue from standard VTR and recording units.

250GB Drive Included
The 250GB drive included in the KiPRO ensures extended recording times when using the ProRes codec.
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