Softron OnTheAir Video USB Dongle
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Softron OnTheAir Video USB Dongle


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Manufacturer: Softron Media

Mfg. Part Number: 3IB30

Part Number: 3IB30

  • Stores Softron Software Serial Numbers
  • Instantly Activates/Deactivates Software
  • Quickly Switches Between Computers
  • Security Against Hardware Malfunction
  • Easy Integration Of Softron Applications
  • Allows Licenses To Be Carried In Pocket
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The Softron OnTheAir Video USB Dongle is a USB device on which can be stored one or more serial numbers that activate or deactivate a Softron application or set of applications. The dongle is used instead of a serial number or set of serial numbers.

Softron applications are designed to integrate with one another for enhanced functionality. Each application has its own serial number. When any of the applications is purchased, what actually gets purchased is the serial number, whereas the application itself needs simply to be downloaded. The serial number must then manually be entered into the application for activation on the computer being used. When multiple Softron applications are downloaded on one computer to be used with one another, each one's serial number must manually be entered. If these applications will ever have to be moved to another computer, their set of serial numbers will again need to be entered one by one, only this time to deactivate them. And they will then again each need to be entered on the computer they will afterwards be activated on.

The dongle, however, simplifies the entire process. It has the serial numbers for all of the applications stored on it, and connecting/disconnecting it from the USB port activates or deactivates an application or set of applications.

The applications can thereby be downloaded on a thousand different computers and the computers can be switched between by simply hopping from one to another with the dongle. Also, if the computer that the applications are on crashes, the dongle can just be pulled out and slid into a back-up computer or any other computer.

Almost all Softron applications can be protected using the same dongle, except for OnTheAir CG, which comes with its own dongle package, and OnTheAir News, which has a completely different authentication procedure.

This Softron dongle is plug and play; no drivers are needed to install or operate it. It can be used to license multiple applications but they must all be run from the same computer.
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