Softron OnTheAir Video 3
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Softron OnTheAir Video 3


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Manufacturer: Softron Media

Mfg. Part Number: 3A001

Part Number: 3A001

  • Mac-Based, Automated Playout Software
  • Sophisticated Auto / Manual Scheduler
  • Static Logo Overlay
  • Clip Store for Live / Local Broadcasts
  • Supports Streaming via Optional Software
  • Supports Mixed Codecs and Resolutions
  • Plays Still Images in Several Formats
  • Audio Support Up to 5.1 Channels
  • Automatic / Manual / Smart Resize
  • Playlist Editing During Playout
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Softron's OnTheAir Video 3 (Electronic Download) is a Mac-based, automated playout software with a sophisticated scheduler and flexible playlist support. It is also a clip store for live operations and local broadcasts, and it's capable of direct-to-web streaming without an additional video card when paired with Softron's MovieRecorder 3, sold separately. MovieRecorder 3 receives frames from OnTheAir Video 3 and encodes them in whatever format needed, including HTTP Live Streaming. You can also stream using an additional card and Softron's MovieStreamer HLS software, both sold separately. Where in previous versions of OnTheAir Video, HD support, a scheduler, and a static logo overlay feature were optional, they are now built-in.

Playlists can be scheduled to play automatically at assigned times throughout the day, non-stop for days, and they can also be looped for months, until a new start date/time hits. They can also be edited during playout. The standard playout file type is QuickTime (.mov), but you can also select Transport Stream (.ts), MXF (.MXF), and others. Still images play in PNG and other formats, and audio support ranges up to 5.1 channels.

In OnTheAir Video 3, Softron uses its own playout engine called Smart Playout Engine. This player allows mixing multiple codecs and resolutions in the same playlist without installing any additional software, and it features three resize tools that will help efficiently scale frame sizes. Automatic Resize scales to Fill, Pan-and-Scan, or Letterbox; Manual Resize lets you define parameters; and Smart Resize produces an advanced resize of interlaced clips, limiting artifacts to a minimum or none.
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