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Datavideo CG-100PRO-To-Go 6U Complete stand alone system. Incls - CG-100, Decklink Pro Card, Mon...

Manufacturer: DATA VIDEO

Mfg. Part Number: CG-100PRO-To-Go

Part Number: CG-100PRO-To-Go

Datavideo CG-100PRO-To-Go 6U Complete stand alone system. Incls - CG-100, Decklink Pro Card, Monitor, KB and Mouse. Assembled in our CCS-M16 case.

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The CG-100D Software with DeckLink Card for SE-800 (SDI I/O) from DataVideo is an SDI overlay-based character generator that brings broadcast quality work within reach for those working on a tight budget. The foundation of the system is DataVideo's DeckLink card, which acts as a downstream keyer connected to the SDI Overlay/Graphics input on the SE-800 switcher (this solution will also work as a downstream keyer with any SDI source).

This software allows you to pre-compose pages before going live and the amount of work you pre-generate is limited only by your computer's processing power, not the software itself. The system offers many ways to create and manage your presentations. Text positioning may be controlled by "eyeing" it or by using an X/Y pixel designation. Simple shapes, animations, group functions, redo/undo commands, and graphic imports provide many possibilities to enhance your messages. Moreover, this system also supports Unicode, ensuring true multilingual capabilities.

This system is designed to work with Windows-based PC systems and comes complete with the drivers necessary for the software to work with your system. It also supports NTSC and PAL video standards and works in either a 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio. Whether you'll be adding text to live video or using prepared screens, this system is ideal for television stations, churches, schools, corporate facilities, or other similar production environments.

Key Features

Broadcast Quality Character Generation

This SDI overlay-based character generation system allows you to produce high-end results with any SDI source or analog switcher.


This package offers broadcast-quality production values at a price point that meets the demands of those on a tight budget.

Full Control

Manage your system with a wide array of controls and functionality, including: text positioning, simple shapes, animations, group functions, redo/undo commands, and graphic import features.

Multilingual Support

This system is Unicode compliant so you can be assured that it offers true multilingual capabilities.

Operating Requirements
  • PC Computer
  • CPU P4 3.0Ghz or above
  • Memory 512MB or above
  • Screen Display 1024x768/32 bits colors
  • OS Windows XP-SP2
  • DirectX 9.0c
  • DeckLink Card (for NTSC/PAL system)
  • DeckLink (Standard Version) 5.4.2
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