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Part Number: A3D-7200DX


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  VelocityHD Real-Time HD/SD Non-Linear Editing System

VelocityHD with A3DX Realtime 3D Effects Module, Deluxe Breakout Box and OnBoard SCSI for Dual Stream

Uncompressed HD. Bundle includes Leitch Velocity 9.0 NLE software, Inscriber TitleMotionHD CG package,

eyeon DFX+ compositing software plus additional DFX+ modules.


VelocityHD Real-Time HD/SD Non-Linear Editing SystemThe revolutionary VelocityHD™ format-flexible non-linear editing system delivers an exceptionally powerful and affordable HD/SD editing solution for any post production environment.

The Velocity family of non-linear editing systems has always stood for an outstanding combination of quality, performance, flexibility and affordability. VelocityHD extends this tradition into high definition, bringing guaranteed, full-quality, real-time editing performance to the HD domain at a remarkable price point.


  • Guaranteed, full-quality, dual-stream real-time HD performance
  • Powered by the Leitch Altitude hardware
  • Optional Real-Time HD/SD 3D DVE
  • Compressed and Uncompressed (8/10-bit) Video
  • Outstanding Format Flexibility: 1080i, 1080PsF, 720p
  • Multi-Stream Real-Time SD Editing
  • Award-Winning Velocity Software Interface
  • Real-Time HD/SD Color Correction
  • Fully-Integrated, Full-Quality Multi-Camera Editing


Your productivity shouldn’t suffer to express your creativity in high definition. Integrating the innovative new Altitude™ hardware platform with a significantly enhanced version of the acclaimed Velocity™ software interface, VelocityHD makes HD non-linear editing as efficient and easy as standard-definition editing. With guaranteed full-quality HD playback of two video streams, two dynamic graphics streams, and optional real-time 3D DVE, VelocityHD offers true real-time power. This is instant, full-quality real-time playback – not just scaled-down real-time previews, and not just in basic effect combinations. All of this real-time power can be performed on both uncompressed and compressed HD video, delivering high-performance HD editing without sacrificing quality.

VelocityHD Real-Time HD/SD Non-Linear Editing SystemMore than just an innovative HD non-linear editor, VelocityHD also features outstanding standard-definition editing performance, with full-quality, real-time playback and mixing of multiple SD video and graphics streams, and a new flexible mixer architecture that combines the guaranteed, real-time performance of hardware with the mixing and effects flexibility of software-based solutions.

This format flexibility makes VelocityHD ideal for the transition to HD, offering the best of both worlds while you continue to work in both realms. Even if you aren’t working in HD yet but expect to in the future, VelocityHD is the ideal solution, offering an unparalleled level of SD performance in its price range, while being immediately ready to handle HD with no expensive options required.

VelocityHD delivers this power through a significantly enhanced version of our flexible and intuitive Velocity™ software interface, with the features and workflow that professionals depend on in our standard-definition VelocityQ™ multi-stream NLE.

The comprehensive feature set includes a broad range of trimming and editing tools. Customizable interface options and a choice between drag-and-drop, trim window, keyboard and optional external jog/shuttle control make VelocityHD easily adaptable to your preferred editing style.

VelocityHD brings the ideal combination of real-time power, quality, productivity, flexibility, reliability, and ease of use to the high definition world. Its dual-stream architecture makes full-quality real-time HD editing more affordable than ever before, while its HD and SD format flexibility makes it ideal for working in both domains.

Outstanding Hardware Technology
The powerful heart of VelocityHD is the ground-breaking Altitude
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